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We support our cohorts with hand-picked, award-winning mentors and coaches, all with many years of experience.  Our approach to creating and managing start-ups is modern, transformative, and above all supportive.  There is no clearer focus of ours other than getting your product to customers asap.


We offer a 24-month phased opt-in business support and growth model.  During this time, the cohort receives intensive mentoring and training, and they are expected to iterate rapidly.

Together we are stronger

We Can Do it All

Our cohort members are assessed to discover strengths and weaknesses.  From that a bespoke journey is built and subsequently delivered. 

None of our members are expected to run alone; we run a series of boardroom and mastermind events to ensure challenges and issues are dealt with collectively and confidentially.

We focus on building formidable start-up teams diving deep into the pool of local university graduates of complementary skills.

On our program, you’ll receive office space and access to dedicated mentors, specialists and investors, all with a focus on fast start-up growth and technological development. 


Workshops, mentoring, coaching


Business planning

We support our cohorts with many years of a proven approach to creating and managing start-ups.

Team building

Our strength and focus are on building out and supporting small teams, not on individual founders. We consider that one person insufficient to handle all the work associated with a start-up.


Most importantly we are in the age of collaborations and this is our strength.  We are a group of super connectors, with years of business experience and connections.  Porter Gale authored a book suggesting “one’s network is their net worth.”


Strategic alliances/collaborations, knowing how money works and a positive team culture tend to underpin entrepreneurial success.


Your Entrepreneurial Journey starts here

Once you have navigated a successful SDG Challenge you will be guided and supported through our unique transformative process that takes your idea to market in rapid style.

Concept to blueprint

The process opens up with an SDG Challenge day.  Eight applicants will be invited to join the business accelerator team to collaboratively workshop the SDG idea. Two hours of ideation per applicant is allocated after which time our Business Review Panel makes the decision of go or no go.

If selected the applicant is invited to join the 90 Day part-time pre-acceleration cohort.

Launch Sequence

At this stage the primary value to the entrepreneur is derived from the mentoring, connections, becoming investable, routes to further-funding, and the recognition of being chosen to be a part of the accelerator.

This next-level 6-9 month acceleration journey comes post seed-funding so the start-up can rapidly build and execute a comprehensive go-to-market strategy.

Strategically, in this acceleration stage, our focus turns to building out and supporting small teams, not on individual founders. We consider that one person insufficient to handle all the work associated with a start-up.

Within this stage the start-up will be ready to go to market.

Ignition to takeoff

 Finally, the “Ignition to Take-off” journey.  This 18 – 24 month stage starts with full confidence given proof of concept testing in the marketplace and early adopters secured. 

And further intensive scale-up support and coaching can be accessed in the “Landing the Moonshot” phase – an optional 12-month super bolt-on should the business want to continue accelerating their scale-up with our help.


Our Mentors are Trusted by Top Companies Around the Globe

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