The QLI 360 Founding Team

Peter Guest

A positive outcome focussed true entrepreneur that has spent a lifetime applying leadership through servitude with in excess of 2000 directly employed staff through many industries including pharmaceutical facility management, innovative underwater adhesives, ‘C’ level leadership strategy, e-commerce/marketing, mental health and wellbeing, legal provision, international medical recruitment, sustainable high end fashion, luxury golf travel and offshore oil and gas performance improvement.

 Working with overseas and UK devolved governments, senior military personnel, blue chip PLC’s, with patents for life-saving equipment inventions, innovation, and business awards and empowering thousands of human beings from all backgrounds to be the very best version of themselves. 

 Acquiring or incepting emerging market concepts and driving them to market is my passion, centered on the strategic and operational activity of the organisation ensuring the core purpose and mission remain on track, through the most challenging of economic or market adaptations, with a keen eye fixed on my own exit and handover to those that are more suited to expediential scale up.

A highly experienced business leader, executive and sales professional, with an excellent understanding of the customer experience, people management, profit generation, digital and off the page marketing channels.

 Blessed with a penchant for an organised, disciplined business process, I have managed human resource, licensing arrangements, client liaison and total journey satisfaction and have held full external stakeholder responsibility within multi-national, multi-cultural organisations at every level including supporting Apple, 20th Century Fox, Sony and Panasonic amongst others.

 My ultimate focus lies wholly with maximising new market penetration opportunities, client satisfaction and organisational growth, recruiting and resourcing in preparation for investment.   

Leylah Honeyborne

Tara Hamilton Howard

Founder of the Venus Movement, Tara has been the catalyst and helped thousands of Entrepreneurs to have more confidence and success in their business and personal lives.

Tara qualified as a commercial pilot and flight instructor in her early 20’s and is a keen adventurer. She trekked to Everest Base camp with her eldest son, she traversed a Nepalese glacier with her daughter, cycled London to Paris with her middle son and is set to kayak the English Channel with her youngest son.

She has gained number 1 bestselling artist status with her music track, Matter of the Mind and more recently has become a number 1 best selling author with her collaboration book Don’t Quit.

With her decades of experience growing and running seven figure businesses, she shares with her audiences and network her fundamental formula for success.

David Frankel is the ultimate Australian male chauvinist, or so you might think when you first meet him, but underneath his bravado, he is the CEO of the Venus Movement and a force in the drive for empowerment and gender equality in business.

Working alongside strong women for most of his career, with two daughters, four sons and 34 years of marriage to draw from he has learned to respect and revere female qualities in his business and personal life.

David, a serial entrepreneur, was 24 when he capitalised on satellite television’s entry to the Australian skies. He produced 100 hours of niche sports television per week to satisfy their insatiable appetite for sporting content.

In 1987 he was involved in the television production, marketing and merchandising of the world’s first large scale touring production of an opera – AIDA. He went on to become head of marketing and business growth for the North American tour.

After touring with AIDA, he semi-retired in the UK, built a property portfolio and became a “house husband ” giving his wife the support and space to grow her family business.

Following a trip to Nepal for a wedding in 2007, he pushed forward with an idea to alleviate poverty in developing countries using business as the tool rather than hand-outs. Too many obstacles later, making it impossible to “save the world” and with his 6th child now old enough to fend for himself, David decided to dive head-first into supporting others with their business ventures.

David Frankel