What is an SDG Challenge Day?

For anyone with a business innovation to satisfy any one of the UNDP's Sustainable Development goals

Do you have an amazing idea to be transformed from a concept into a business?

The Basics

If you are considering a business idea that supports one of the world-changing United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) please apply below to take the challenge to join our exclusive 2020/2021 cohorts.

Together with our Concept Review Panel of entrepreneurs, technologists and futurists, we will workshop your idea and if it proves to be a viable concept you will be invited to join our 3 months free pre-accelerator programme.

Applications are limited so apply today to avoid disappointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why form Quantum Leap Initiative 360?

Having worked with cohorts from business accelerators and incubators for a number of years now we felt the timing perfect for a new model of transformation and support.

Our new-model is a blended SDG accelerator and incubator which will support the “new-normal” our UK Graduates will now face and, not just the Corona Class of 2020.

QLI 360 simply recognises a new era of specific and targeted business development is needed and we are committed to support our local graduates.

What is the criteria for my idea?

We are an SDG accelerator.  This means we only work with innovations which support the UNDP’s Sustainable Development Goals

So to be clear, your idea must fall under one of the 17 categories of the SDG’s.

What are the SDG’s?

UN.org explains the SDG’s in this way:-“The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice. The 17 Goals are all interconnected, and in order to leave no one behind, it is important that we achieve them all by 2030.”  Learn more about the SDG’s here…

Why is QLI 360 different from typical accelerators and incubators?

Typically, confusion exists surrounding the differences between an Incubator and an Accelerator.  Under our blended model, we accelerate early ideas that support the SDG’s, with the hope of collaboratively building out sustainable business models for impactful, purpose-led start-up companies. If a start-up is considered viable, we then incubate their growth.  We do both these things as a Transformation Hub.

And most importantly we recognise not all founders believe themselves to be entrepreneurial.  We don’t believe if someone craves working flexibility should they be forced into becoming an entrepreneur.   Without a so-called“stereotypical entrepreneurial mindset” behind the concept, most ideas are precluded from consideration, from a typical business accelerator’s point of view.  Nurturing, supporting, and reframing the mindset for those with ideas is a primary QLI goal.   

Primarily, integrating teams of complementary skills and subsequent wider collaborations and are the keys to transforming a business idea into a successful start-up.

Who do you accept onto your program?

Our 2020/21 cohort will consist of South of London 2020 University Alumini and those students who are graduating in 2021.

Only those with a business innovation to solve one of the SDG’s will be accepted.

Can I apply if I don't consider myself to be entrepreneurial?

This is a great question and plays to our strengths.  We believe anyone with an idea should be listened to and the idea worked.  Too often great impact ideas are are lost through the belief that to be successful you must be an “entrepreneur” and/or have a high-risk mindset to go along with that.  We believe that great teams can be built around an idea and recognise that not everyone is cut out to be a CEO.

Can I apply if I'm not technically minded?

Absolutely.  With most accelerators, thinking tends to be all about technology.  We are about innovation which comes through ideas.  Technology can be built later once the idea is validated and seed funding secured.

I'm in my final year at University, when can I apply?

In fact you are our target market.  We typically work with final year undergrads on a part-time basis to build out their ideas into a seed funding state.  Our goal is to have your idea funded by the time you graduate so no time is wasted or additional living expenses post-graduation are incurred.

If you take action at this stage you are taking your future into your own hands.

I have already graduated, can I still apply?

Yes.  With the current situation, we recognise that recent graduates will need support given the bleak employment prospects.  We have a condensed program to take your idea to seed funding readiness quicker if you don’t have University commitments to work around.

I'm an international student, can you still help me start a business?

We work with local Universities who are all Tier 1 Start-up Visa endorsing bodies.  This means we work closely with your university to secure you an applicable Tier 1 Visa so you can remain in the UK and start up a business.

I have a business idea but no real knowledge how to start a business?

Our program perfectly suits people like you.  We take you through a program that gives you all the knowledge and, helping hands, to get you started from wherever your business know-how starts.

How do I secure funding?

We have access to many funding options.

We prefer to take you through the process of securing funding from third parties rather than offering handouts.  The lessons learnt on the funding trail are so important to your growth both personally and professionally.

Having said that though, we may support you financially through the fundraising process and this is decided on a case by case basis.  We are not short of options to support your business growth whatever the case.

Who owns my IP?

In all cases, it is the company you create.  Depending on the funding route you adopt and subsequently secure, typically shareholders will have a share of your IP however you are in full control of that.

Is there an application deadline?

Yes there is.  We have two pre-acceleration cohort intakes for final year undergrads, Septemeber and January.  You can apply for the monthly SDG challenge days from which we choose the cohorts.  Apply here

Their patience and counsel gave the professional relationship a ‘personal touch’ helping to emotionally sustain me and giving me a new perspective on how to move forward.”

Eventually I found my way to Peter Guest alongside my good friend and co-director – and the moment we walked in, the people within the accelerator made us feel empowered. We were coached through every step of starting a business and above all, we found great friends for life who believe in the community, who believe in supporting people with a platform that provides them with experience and wisdom.

“A really enjoyable journey, thank you so much for opening up my mind to such an enormous potential.  I feel completely energised. I would not hesitate to recommend Peter, co-founder of QLI 360, who will always exceed even the wildest of expectations !” 

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